BNAM 2024
May 22nd to 24th

Baltic-Nordic Acoustic Meeting 2024 May 22nd to 24th Hanasaari, Espoo

Aside from a variety of presentations and workshops, we will of course offer networking opportunities at social events

Social Program


The event will be held at the prestigious location of Hanasaari Cultural Center. The site includes a variety of art on display for browsing outside of the conference technical program. The building is surrounded by nautical views, which can be enjoyed during breaks.


The Formal Social Programme includes a dinner on the penultimate conference day. The dinner will be at Vanha Ylioppilastalo, The Former Student Union Building. The building encloses multiple levels of history, dating back to 1840’s. It’s located in the City Centre, and can easily be accessed from the Conference Location with a bus or a metro. We are hoping that all delegates will come along for food, company and merry times! ↗


This time we are taking a new approach to the excursion. Rather than learning about concert halls, the excursion will be a road trip through the Uusimaa region of Finland. The main focus will be set to city scaping, noise control and “large scale” acoustics. The excursion will be a round trip, starting and ending at Hanasaari, on the afternoon of the second day of the conference.

Informal shindig

It’s likely that some delegates will be arriving a day early to Espoo. In order to get the most of your time with us, we are organising a small gathering on the afternoon of tuesday 21st of May at Aalto University. It’s a 45 min walk from Hanasaari, or alternatively accessible by bus/metro. A short tour of the Acoustics Lab will be provided as well as refreshemets. And above all - the best possible company!